Welcome to NaachSani.

Bollywood Dance Choreography.

During COVID-19, I had this precious thing called time that everyone desperately searches for, so I decided to make my dreams come true. Today, I am proud to be the owner of NaachSani and provide Bollywood dance resources to many people through my virtual and live classes. I did not receive professional training because I did not always have the financial resources, but I refused to let my passion hide and fade away.

I empathize with the difficulties people have when they want to pursue life-changing goals outside of what is considered normal in their own family and culture. I hear you when you say “I want to, but I can’t.” if you are reading this, then read carefully: You can. You will. Choose you. Choose your dreams. So while you wait for your courage to lift you up, come dance with me!

It’s been great working with Shruti! The way she breaks down the steps is super helpful. Easy to follow and communicate with. Love her energy and style of teaching!

Falgunee Uphadyay

What is Bollywood Dancing?

I am Bollywood.

Bollywood dancing is a very unique style of dancing, where the dance steps are frequently based off of the lyrics. Bollywood dances range from being loud, jumpy, and fast paced, to being simple, graceful, and soft. Bollywood dancing encourages expressive body movements and facial expressions, with a splash of impromptu acting. With Bollywood dancing, you get all the drama!

Whether you’re looking to learn on your own or are interested in joining with others, please explore some classes below.

Bollywood Dance Cardio

A mixture of steady and fast paced music to get your heart racing and body sweating. The perfect workout!

Garba Passion

If you’re passionate about Garba, this is the class for you. Filled with twists and turns – sure to get your heart pumping.

Individual Sessions

Create your own class. Pick your own music. Great for those who want to learn step-by-step dance choreography.