As a mental health provider, I know burnout is real. Mental health providers work behind the scenes, serve high-risk communities, provide education regarding trauma and work towards helping individuals and communities become more resilient. This work is emotionally exhausting. Many times, we take on the stories of our clients and it can start to impact our mental health also.

NaachSani is available to provide team building dance classes for the community, for mental health workers, teachers, social workers, schools, and others in the field. Teachers, mental health providers, and social workers: the work you are doing is phenomenal.

You put in so much love and attention towards serving others, and I challenge you to put all that energy and attention towards your self-care as well!

If your school, community, staff, students can benefit from a virtual or live dance class, please email me at or contact NaachSani directly through the contact tab

Keep calm and Naach!

Shruti Patel