These reviews are from current and past students. I have enjoyed working with each of them in various different events. Watching them grow has been an exciting journey! 

I started getting into dance when I studied movement therapy in graduate school about 5 years ago. Since then I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find a dance teacher who would be able to support and guide my journey into deeper embodiment and somatic awareness. I am pleased to say I have found the one! Shruti has been able to explain and breakdown movements very clearly  but more importantly, been able to hold and process with me the breath of power and meaning that the movements contain. I have taken the choreography and cardio classes multiple times and enjoy being able to ask questions, give feedback, and request more assistance as needed. I doubt you will be able to find a teacher who is able to reflect and hold the power that dances and movement practices in general will elicit more than Shruti. I can not recommend her more.

Steve Bagga: Bollywood Dance Classes (all)

I had an opportunity to work with Shruti when she choreographed dances for my group, the Krazzy 4. She is truly very talented, and has a great passion for dance. I was very pleased working with her. She is creative, professional and attentive towards details and feedback. She works hard to help perfect each move. She always motivated me to achieve my best with each step and I am very grateful to have been able to work with a thoughtful choreographer/teacher like her. Aside from being a talented choreographer she is very kind, friendly and inspiring. She was able to make all our dance practices very fun and productive. I have seen her work with kids too. She is very considerate when working with kids. She encourages them every step of the way, as they go on the stage to perform. She supports all her students/dancers and works hard towards helping them learn. Shruti is the perfect combination of creativity, hard work and talent, both as a dance teacher and a person. Shruti is definitely someone I recommend to people, looking for a dance teacher.

Riddhi Patel: High School Talent Show

Working with Shruti Patel was an amazing experience! She helped me and my friends with choreographing dances for our high school talent show. She taught us a variety of creative moves that were appropriate for our skill level, and was incredibly patient and helpful while teaching us. She choreographed dances that showcases each of our strengths as we all had our own dancing technique, and was able to make us glow extremely well together. Shruti made me feel good with what I was doing, not to mention that we were a major hit with the audience! I would definitely work with Shruti again, and would absolutely recommend her as a dance instructor to anyone of any skill level. I thought I loved dancing already, but her infectious passion and enthusiasm made me love it even more!

Krushna Jamnadas: High School Talent Show

Bollywood Dance Cardio Class: Naach Sani is the single most helpful thing I’ve done for myself during COVID19/Shelter-in-Place. I look forward to NaachSani because it is the one thing I do that is purely for myself: it is beauty, joy, play, dance, and fabulous music. Sweating and exercise are just the positive side-effects of what is truly so much fun. Shruti is personable, kind-hearted, sincere and gifted. I feel fortunate to be able to have this class (at this difficult time). Thank you Shruti for caring about the health of others and sharing your gifts with us!

Lady V: Bollywood Choreo Class